so mox and I had a talk about how john and dad fly somehwere overseas and they have a stop in texas where dave lives for somewhat 3 hours so dave and john decide this is a good idea to meet for the very first time and dave gets batshit excited and organizes with his last money the school band to sing how do I live once john arrives (the school band’s terrible but dave didn’t knew that bc he never attended any school parties) and he brings a table and waits with a fancy mcdonalds menu in front of the terminal and john’s flight comes with some hours delay and the school band leaves and then john arrives and the first thing he sees is his best friend sitting at a table with mc donalds stuff in the middle of the airport and he just has to laugh bc it looks so dumb and all dave thinks how much he likes john’s dorky laugh

they then proceed to have really good 2 hours together, they play with the food, have wheelchair races and smosh their faces against the windows to see the planes and sit on the handrails of these… flat moving staircases and talk and laugh and the time passes really quickly and then john has to leave already and they give each other their very first and very tight hug and then theIR WAYS PART AGAIN…………………..

dave then stares out of the windows until he sees john’s plane flight off into the clouds and he starts his walk home, bc the missed the last bus bc of the plane delay, so he walks and walks and walks with a fucking table and chairs in his arms and he already misses john so very much

(hint: they couldn’t)

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    *Irl drawn out high pitched noise of distress* DAVE DON’T. BE SO SAD. PLEASE.
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