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this post is going to be a giant mess because im stuck on my phone but here goes.
my laptop is in desperate need of repairs after my (honestly lovely really) cat knocked over a load of stuff including the laptop, which has made its charger socket too loose to even charge for a few seconds uninterrupted. its very important not only to my college work but also for earning any money easily, and im having a tricky time finding out if its covered by insurance since its warranty ran out 3 days before all this happened and there’s apparently no leeway on it either.
on top of that i still need to pay for other college related stuff including pretty much compulsory fieldwork trips, art supplies etc, AND im in quite bad need of a new binder since my old one isnt really made of good enough materials and doesnt fit anymore anyway.

SO, to the beef of it.

although my digital commissions are closed, there are plenty of options for pencil and pen artwork and at this point im willing to work with watercolours and inks as well. the lowest price on the list is 4 GBP but more information on that is over here ->

commissioned artworks can definitely be mailed out but in case you were interested in something already existing, dont be shy about asking if a piece had been claimed or not. if i post it, then the original is sat around gathering dust and i’d much rather it had a home with someone else than in my folders ;; a few are listed over here ->
its not very up to date but it has a few that go way back on there to save digging

i can definitely draw non-fandom stuff as well like pets or OCs or whatever takes your fancy but if we’re doing fandom stuff i’d rather have a basic knowledge of what im up to so if i blog about it thats usually your green light. content is anything goes, nsfw is fine as well, if in doubt just ask! my only real no-go zone is serious dark!character things / dub-con non-con / that kind of squick.

as well as those things, i can send out prints which are listed over here ->
and i have a redbubble over here ->

if youre interested feel free to message me on tumblr or email me at
that’s also my paypal email address to save fuss later

donations are also 100% welcome and very greatly appreciated but honestly i’d rather actually give you something out of it ;;

please signal boost this if you can!

❤️ thank you ❤️

benC with glasses

Wonder Bar, 1934

sussexlock got dem soft titties

life nectar

life nectar


it’s finally purple lipstick season

watching franzi go through my face tag like

What do you do if you used to really like someone but they rejected you and you got over it, but now you're older and you still kinda like them and you realize you never really got over them properly. Do you just keep on denying yourself this or do you perhaps ask them out again?

hey friend! what do your guts tell you, except that they’re maybe hungry?

do you think you might get a different answer from the person you fancy this time? has anything in their behaviour towards you changed that might give you hopes? and also, how did they react the first time? if they reacted well enough, you might honestly just try again - feelings can change majorly over time I think we all know that

so I’d say, yeah! if they’re single and ready to mingle, ask them out again, but politely! don’t force yourself onto them, and if again they don’t reciprocate, accept it and invite them for a friendship beer anyway because they’re hopefully a really cool person you want to hang out with anyway romance yay or nay. make them feel sure about it though, and get ready for being a little bummed out if they reject you again but it’s a thing we all gotta respect!!